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Our Top 5 Cleaning Helpers

Let’s face it. That cabinet under the sink is filled with cleaning agents that are likely among the most toxic chemicals in our home and offices. Typical cleaning products are filled with perfumes, VOCs and petroleum-based chemicals. You can limit exposure to toxins and the disposables in your home with these safe and effective cleaning aids.

#5 – Sla-Dust Dry Mop and Duster

Avoid disposables and chemicals with a classic wool dry mop. The Sla-Dust Wooly Mammoth is a fantastic find. These long-lasting dust catchers contains natural lanolin that draws dust like a magnet and holds on until you give the mop a shake. This company has been around for over 100 years and all they make is wool mops and dusters. Their loyal customers will tell you these mop last for decades

#4 – Otter Wax Saddle Soap

Keep your shoes and bags cleaned and conditioned with Otter Wax Saddle Soap. This all-natural leather conditioner and cleaner is free of petrochemicals and silicones found in many leather care products.Otter Wax Saddle Soap uses natural Castille soap to remove dirt and dust and moisturizes leather with beeswax. For added conditioning, follow with Otter Wax Leather Salve.

#3 – Swedish Dishcloth

These dishcloths soften when wet, absorbing 15 times their weight in water. Yet they dry quicker than a sponge and leave kitchen surfaces are virtually streak-free. These marvelous Swedish Dishcloths come in several designs. Made of 70% cellulose and 30% cotton with a soy-based ink, they are durable. Toss them in your washing machine to clean. And since they are all natural you can even compost them after they have served you well.

# 2 – Bog Berry Dryer Balls

Fabric softeners and dryer sheets apply a thin, waxy residue to fabrics that stay in your clothing for extended periods. We have an alternative solution – Bog Berry Dryer Balls. These felted wool balls are a 100% natural and handcrafted in Pennsylvania. Add a few drops of natural essential oils to scent your laundry. Wool dryer balls soften clothes while reducing static and they provide the added benefit of saving energy. Wool Dryer Balls shorten drying time by circulating air into your load of laundry and soaking up excess water.

#1 – EuroScrubby

This is one of the most popular items at Blue Sky because they work wonderfully. These tough little scrubbers clean up pots, tile, and countertops. You can even use them to clean your root vegetables. Made with the remnants of towels and a hard coating, try it and you will immediately learn why people buy these in multiples

Which one is your favorite?


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