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Carving Out Space for Creativity

Carving Out Space for Creativity

We often hear from customers that are excited to take on creative projects but have a tough time completing their vision at home. The advice we give – make a dedicated space for creative endeavors. Why do you need a space in your home dedicated to creativity? To put it simply – inspiration is fleeting, creativity takes effort. A dedicated area can help you get focused on your goals; it’s essential to extract ideas and put them into action.  Furthermore, a space of your own meant for creative thinking can energize and allow you to enjoy the activity more.

Even if you have limited time, space and budget you too can carve out a sanctum to recharge and develop your passion. Your medium will determine the tools and equipment necessary. Regardless of what you are creating, there are components to making a space more effective.

Dimmable lights.  According to the to the Journal of Environmental Psychology, dim light promotes creativity.

Ambient noise. Ever wonder why writers retreat to coffee shops? That’s because the right amount of ambient noise can increase creativity.

Lively smells. Reportedly lemon and jasmine enhance cognitive performance and cinnamon-vanilla smells and creativity seems to be linked.

Welcome nature.  Studies show that houseplants increase productivity in the office. Why wouldn’t they have the same effect in a home studio?

How to Have a Studio without Paying Additional Rent

Your “studio” can be any designated space to work on your artistic endeavors.  Look around your house or apartment and identify a nook that can be turned into a creative space. The creative space can be the corner of a room or even a closet. The following easy (and inexpensive) design elements can style a space to cultivate creativity.

  • Paint a section of wall an encouraging color. Blue and green are said to boost creativity, while red enhances attention to detail.
  • Collect inspiration and put where you can see it. Try putting up a bulletin board or a collection of clip boards
  • Make a rolling art cart and take your work with you anywhere. And then stow it away just as simply.
  • Portion a room into living space and art studio space with a DIY divider.