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Sustainable Practices

At Blue Sky Design Supply, embedded in everything we do is a focus on sustainability. We are proud to sell products made from recycled, upcycled, rapidly renewable, durable and low toxin materials. To take it a step further we promote waste reduction and socially responsible actions in our daily operations.


  • Whenever possible we skip using paper. However, when we do print we use paper made from as much post-consumer waste (PCW) as we can find.
  • We cut up and use for scrap paper no longer needed for its original purpose.
  • We ask customers if they want their receipt emailed instead of printed and make bags optional.
  • We recycle as much paper as possible, including corrugated cardboard, office paper and paint cans.
  • The bags we give customers are easily recyclable.
  • Recycling bins are place in a convenient location for staff.
  • All packing peanuts sent to us by vendors are delivered to UPS for reuse.
  • We use repurposed materials for window displays. After removal of the display, we try to reuse the materials again (future displays or creative installation in the shop).
  • Whenever possible we buy used fixtures. Look around the shop and find many of the display fixtures are salvaged materials. We have a vintage wooden cabinet, a counter made from flooring from a deconstructed house and an old baker’s rack use as a storage unit.
  • To improve air quality and make the store inviting, we have a green wall unit made from an upcycled wood pallet.
  • We use biodegradable, natural cleaning products to reduce exposure to harsh toxins and reduces the introduction of these substances into the environment. We also promote the use of homemade cleaning products.
  • We turn off power when appropriate and when we leave the shop each day.
    • This includes turning off the bathroom lights and the office lights when not in use.
    • We turn off the power strip near the cash register at the end of the day to eliminate “vampire power” (this will actually help to prolong the life of our equipment as well).
    • For security reasons, we do leave on a small section of lights at night that run parallel to the shop windows.
  • Upon arrival in our current location, we installed energy efficient lighting. Our store lights in the main showroom are LED lights, which last significantly longer and use much less energy than incandescent bulbs.