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Fast & Worry-Free Feature Wall

Fast & Worry-Free Feature Wall

Do you want to do a room makeover? Or are you just bored with your space?

A feature wall adds beauty to your living space in a bold way. It’s a fun element meant to draw attention and lift your spirits. It also allows you to inject your own style and personality into your room. It can turn a humdrum room into a luxe sophisticated space. Or, bring focus and serenity into a cherished space.

Paint and wallpaper are both simple choices to bring needed energy or punch of color to your abode. Believe it or not, wallpaper can be quicker than paint. It is perfect for those, want-to-be decorators, who like to mix things up. For impact, try out contrasting colors or bold designs. Or you can try a gentler approach with muted patterns and subtle variation in tone.

Temper is a self-adhesive wallpaper, free of VOCs and worry. So whether you are a chemically sensitive conservationist or a hipster with a conscious, this wallpaper is earth friendly, which makes you breathe a lot better literally and figuratively. Apartment dwellers can install Tempaper without the worry of losing your security deposit. Any DIYer can tackle this project. But just note, it’s a bit easier if you have a design buddy to give you a hand.

In this Milwaukee Loft, we chose a subtle but glamorous design. Peonies in Gold, was used to complement the modern furniture in the space. Here’s what you need to do for the installation.

Step 1. Prep

The wall must be clean, smooth and dry. Wipe off any grim and old cobwebs (or whatever went on from that raging party last weekend…we won’t ask).

Hand Holding Tempaper

Temaper Project Supplies


Step 2. Measure and Cut

Measure the height of your wall. Allow a few extra inches for trimming on top and bottom. Roll out two or more strips, so you may match the pattern. Then you may cut your wallpaper and once again, make sure your pattern matches up.

Step 3. Hang the Wallpaper

The genius of Tempaper is the sticky back. No need to apply a past. Just remove the paper backing off a few inches at the top. Start at the top of your wall by sticking it into place. Don’t forget your extra trim at the top, you left room for. Use your hands  to smooth the wallpaper against the wall. Then use a squeegee to lightly smooth the wallpaper. Before you remove all the paper backing, use a level to make sure you are applying the paper 90 degrees vertically from the floor. There’s nothing worse than your wallpaper being applied at a slight angle. If this happens, you are in luck because you can take temper off and move it over.


Tempaper Install

Tempaper in Gold Peonies

Once you have hung each strip, cut off the excess trim at the top and bottom with a box cutter. Use a steel ruler to get a straight cut or carefully cut flush against the ceiling and/or molding.

The impact of doing this simple project in your home will affect your space immensely. By surrounding yourself with elements you find alluring, your living space will lift your spirits and brighten your days. Strive to discover your own definition of beauty and bring that charming energy into your home.

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