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Get Creative

Get Creative

Do you consider yourself a creative person?  Until recently, I didn’t consider myself creative because I lacked training in art or design. But creativity isn’t about artistic flair. Its idea generation and manifesting a vision. All of us have natural creative ability. But similar to athletics, practice makes the difference between the little league and the World Series. Don’t get me wrong, not everyone can be an Einstein or Monet. But with persistence and exercise, your creativity can flourish. At least that’s what I have read and exactly what I am setting out to do.

My resolution for the New Year is to practice being more creative and take you along for the journey. I hope to inspire you to do something creative with social media posts, blogs and these helpful tips.

Stop comparing yourself to others. Give value to what you do.  In a world full of ways to instantaneously brag or stream other people bragging, its so easy to think your creative pursuits are not good enough. Changing this attitude will be your passport to creative pursuits.

Intend to do better than what you have done before. No one becomes a brilliant inventor, artist, chef or entrepreneur overnight. This may sound counterintuitive, but “breakthroughs” most often come after many small incremental steps of mundane.

Be prolific and keep going. Pablo Picasso created 50,000 works. Not all of them were masterpieces. Taking action is important.

Enjoy the process. We are on a journey to learn and to create. Be content with the process, not just the destination.

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