Our Mission

We believe that every construction project can help foster a more sustainable environment. We provide tailored services, practical tools and products to help individuals and organizations have sustainable and successful projects.


Blue Sky Design Supply grew out of the desire to provide attractive and environmentally responsible products. Furthermore, our Founder has the additional passion for educating and consulting building professionals throughout WNY and the Great Lakes Region. We serve clients who want to decrease their environmental impact on the planet as well as choose healthier options for themselves and/or the clients they serve. Our philosophy is characterized by the Blue Sky “mantra,” SEED.

Sustainability: Meet our clients’ needs without compromising the needs of future generations.    
Environment: Educate our clients about products and building methods that won’t deplete resources, won’t harm natural cycles or emit needless levels of toxins.    
Efficacy: Utilize our expertise to create the desired result for our clients.    
Design: Provide creative and innovative solutions delivered in a tailored and responsive manner.    

SEED is the driving force behind everything we do: product collection, consulting, managing the business, and customer service.

About the Owner

Blue Sky Design Supply was founded by Tyra Johnson in early 2010. She felt it was a very effective way to help others and the environment while sharing and further developing her knowledge of design and construction practices, especially in the areas of sustainability.

Ms. Johnson brings a unique set of skills and experience in project management, eco-friendly building practices and diversity and inclusion programs. Tyra’s vision for Blue Sky is to create a mechanism that generates an enduring enthusiasm for sustainability, helping our community thrive.

Originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Tyra’s background in environmental studies and social responsibility spans over two decades. She holds a degree in Environmental and Civil Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a MBA from the University at Buffalo. Prior to founding Blue Sky Design Supply, Tyra was a project manager at the largest commercial construction firm in Western New York. She offers Blue Sky clients expertise in building successful business relationships, and developing and executing targeted initiatives that enhance customer satisfaction.

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Blue Sky’s goal of promoting sustainability is reflected in our services and products, as well as in the support we give to the community. We donate a percentage of our profits to local and international not-for-profit organizations dedicated to sustainable community development.